My Ears Like to Hear…Part IX

I haven’t written one of these in a while, in fact my last ‘My Ears Like to Hear’ blog post was two years ago! How did that happen? Oh wait, life happened, and so much in between. Here are sounds, lyrics, words and music that have seeped into soul over the past few weeks, into my new life in Melbourne…some I’ve been introduced to through new friends, others I’ve accidentally come across in my abstracted search for new aural impression, as always. It’s been one hell of a year for the music industry as it has lost – and so recently lost – some of the world’s greatest and most influential people. Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and more, I salute you in the skies as you defined so many of my formative years. Your legacies will continue into generation X-Y-Z, who although may never experience you first hand, will no doubt recreate, sample and redefine your work though new music and style.

Speakers (or headphones) at the ready…

Daniel Lanois

To make sense of my world. To lull in a dreamic existence. To write to (myself). PhD appreciated this album ‘Flesh and Machine’ (2014) as it helped complete a chapter I’d been struggling with for weeks and weeks. Or maybe it was the weekend Christmas break that did it…either way, it brings a focus.


A little bit obsessed with this track and video, especially when it hits 2.02 mins. Wishing I had my decent speakers to hear the bass line shift. A world of repetitious rhythm that mimics my typing at the moment, also non-stop movement caught between two very different eras and cultures. Taken from their album ‘Projection’ (2015):

“There are two tributes running through the song. One is to John Lennon and the other is to the spiritual ‘Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child’. The two are related as John Lennon’s mother was killed when he was young, so I thought I would juxtapose moving images to explore this relationship” – Romare

The Japanese House

Bringing a smile to my face as it reminds of cycling the city streets late at night. Something I’ve always done in every city I live. Something I do a lot and don’t often tell people about as it’s my escape. I cycled for an hour at midnight on Christmas Eve taking me to Christmas Day. There’s nothing like the freedom of cycling on empty roads and highways…apart from climbing to the top of empty mountains, and flying long haul on your own…for some reason I’ve had thoughts about wanting to learn to fly lately. I have no clue why. Something about space and distance…


I thought I had mentioned them before on my blog but obviously not. PLAY LOUD. Disjointed bass line, female lyrics that allure, unpredictable fractures, which I love. Music to forget my name too (you know what I mean when I say that)…and very loved here in Australia as they’re from Sydney. I hope to see FLUME live soon.

Ben Harper

An audible comparative reminder of Finley Quaye but apparently in his own league. I’d never heard of him before until my new housemate Jac got comps tickets to his gig at the Sidney Myer Bowl in the city earlier this month. We went to see him the evening before my God Mother Ruth passed away so it now resonates with her soul passing, specifically this song, which brings me to tears now every…single…time.



This track is where some of my favourite musical minds collide. Baauer meets M.I.A. who I saw in Manchester, UK, pre-millenium, at a super tiny venue where there were less than 50 people there. Unforgettable. I’m playing Baauer non-stop at the moment.

Baauer MIA.png

Mykki Blanco

Again, I don’t think I’ve ever written about Mykki Blanco before on my blog…he’s been mentioned once when I completed a PhD chapter, citing his music as my “PhD cohesion”. Life cohesion more like. I went to a gig of his years ago in London and it’s stayed with me ever since. He is 100% fight and love, 100% lyrical, 100% himself and his aggressive oozing sexuality, 100% colourful in body and mind, 100% performance art meets music…but every musician is lately, right?! He brings the real to reality in the way he performs…


Pavo Pavo

Dancing like a child born in the 1980s adorned with hair scrunchies, my little pony handmade dress, high ponytail and heavy fringe and an innocence with musical media that no longer exists. Cassette tape interludes.

Certain Creatures

A sonic symphony and when I say symphony, I mean the use of multiple sound sampling pads that could collectively fuse a small city. Elec-tron-ica in every way. Consuming.

The Avener

Simple rhythms and female vocals. A song that makes me reminisce about my Shanghai life, where I seem to be mimicking past actions of negotiation and exploration. A strange series of moments of “de ja vu” where I see through my younger eyes.

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