April Bookbinding – Entrepreneurs

A bookbinding workshop interlude from PhD land, this time at ‘Entrepreneurs’, a local venue to me 25 minutes up the road in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent…actually home turf as I spent my formative teenage years going out (and getting up to mischief) there and more recently, being involved in contemporary art projects, exhibitions and events. Andy Cooke, co-founder of the urban culture clothing store/Upstairs Gallery/Present Workshops (and more) at ‘Entrepreneurs’, invited me to facilitate a one-day workshop last weekend. With three participants with me for the day, they breezed through the process, creating their own personally styled and unique handmade, sewn-bound books, as shown below. Thanks for coming guys!

I’ll be collaborating with Andy on ‘The Temporary: 02’ (the next in the “tt” series) called ‘RAREKIND China’, a street and urban art project between the UK and China that will be taking place at Centre for Contemporary Chinese Arts (CFCCA) and across the city of Manchester as part of their 30th birthday celebrations in 2016…so watch this space! In the meantime…more Summer workshops to come across the UK…

bookbinding ntrprnrs 11

bookbinding ntrprnrs 10

bookbinding ntrprnrs 9

bookbinding ntrprnrs 1

bookbinding ntrprnrs 2

bookbinding ntrprnrs 3

bookbinding ntrprnrs 4

bookbinding ntrprnrs 5

bookbinding ntrprnrs 12

bookbinding ntrprnrs 7

bookbinding ntrprnrs 8

bookbinding ntrprnrs 13

bookbinding ntrprnrs 14


Mike bookbinding 1

Mike bookbinding 2

Mike bookbinding 3

Mike bookbinding 4

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