March Papercutting

Another week, another workshop, this time at Leicestershire Craft Centre in Market Harborough where I have previously facilitated a papercutting session. I have described the venue before – a quite large studio/workshop space above a Monsoon clothing store decked out floor to ceiling in all things arts and craft with one very organised set of shelves packed full of boxes of materials that I am envious of…as you’ll see in a photograph below.

Last night, from 7pm until 9pm, there were nine workshop places filled (one more than my usual eight places), however only six people turned up. The ladies (all females again) were all regular arts and crafters…only one had a China reference (that’s you Steff!) having lived in Beijing for a number of months. It is always great to hear other people’s perspectives and engagements as they are so unique to them and their experiences. One young lady had come to my workshop (thanks Naomi!) after hearing about it through her friend who had attended the last one in November last year…funnily enough the lady who regularly visits China for business (and took to papercutting so quickly).

Find below some images from the two-hour session. It always surprises me how different the final cuts can be…here with quite a Chinese New Year and zodiac animal focus. Thanks to all of the ladies for coming last night, and for opening my mind as usual. I say this every time. My next workshop with LCC is in June…look out on my Twitter feed for info nearer the time.

Papercutting LCC 1

Papercutting LCC 13

Papercutting LCC 12

Papercutting LCC 11

Papercutting LCC 10

Papercutting LCC 9

Papercutting LCC 8

Papercutting LCC 7

Papercutting LCC 6

Papercutting LCC 5

Papercutting LCC 4

Papercutting LCC 3

Papercutting LCC 2

Papercutting LCC 14

Papercutting LCC 15

Papercutting LCC 16

Papercutting LCC 17



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