Dubai 2015 – Sharjah Biennial 12: The past, the present, the possible (In pictures)

During my time in the UAE, and as timing would have it, I was able to experience Sharjah Biennial 12 (SB12), reviewing the festival for LEAP magazine. As I’m writing critical words elsewhere, this blog post will be very image heavy (over 100 images – enjoy!)…sharing quotes from my review. Once published, I will share it in full with you here.

SB12: ‘The past, the present, the possible’ is curated by Eungie Joo and associate curator Ryan Inouye, inviting 55 artists from 25 countries to participate, exhibiting more than 60 works, where 36 artists are showing new works or commissions. ‘The past, the present, the possible’ is inspired by ‘Sharjah, its people and the world that we share, engendered with a community of trust’. Alongside works on show in the established areas of the SAF Art Spaces, Calligraphy Square, Sharjah Art Museum and the Arts Area, site-specific installations and interventions are placed across venues including the bird and animal market, industrial warehouse spaces at Port Khalid, the Corniche Street creekside promenade, the ex-supermarket roadside services building ‘The Flying Sauce’, and the Kalba Ice Factory on the Gulf of Oman.

SB12 is representative of Sharjah’s “architectures of change” – it is about the works and the spaces that frame them….’spatially thought-provoking’…’lively meditative and playful works’ versus ‘a solitary expedition of spiritual self-reflection and discovery’…aiming to be seen as ‘not an attempt at an art history, but a more meaningful insight into the impetus of experimentation at the heart of contemporary art practice today’.

‘Now the city was moving like a map we were drawing, now we would begin to live our life-like a book we were writing.’ – Taken from ‘Unforgiving Years (Part II)’ (2014), a meeting room installation by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme

P1000149 P1000153 P1000159 P1000160 P1000163 P1000166 P1000168 P1000170 P1000172 P1000177 P1000181 P1000192 P1000190 P1000194 P1000197 P1000199 P1000201 P1000203 P1000204 P1000202 P1000205 P1000206 P1000209 P1000213 P1000214 P1000217 P1000231 P1000232 P1000354 P1000233 P1000281 P1000237 P1000244 P1000239 P1000241 P1000357 P1000247 P1000248 P1000269 P1000273 P1000275 P1000257 P1000262 P1000346 P1000251 P1000276 P1000286 P1000288 P1000293 P1000301 P1000311 P1000318 P1000328 P1000330 P1000331 P1000341 P1000350 IMG_20150305_153302 IMG_20150305_151738 P1000352 IMG_20150305_152207 IMG_20150305_151808 IMG_20150305_152114 PANO_20150305_152526 PANO_20150305_152941 PANO_20150305_152755 IMG_20150305_152701 IMG_20150305_153934 IMG_20150305_154618 P1000388 P1000358 P1000361 P1000365 P1000375 P1000377 P1000379 P1000398 P1000403 P1000457 P1000441 P1000418 P1000425 P1000419 P1000432 P1000405 P1000426 P1000429 P1000433 P1000437 P1000447 P1000404 IMG_0100 P1000462 P1000465 P1000460 P1000470 P1000486 P1000494 P1000504 P1000506 P1000508 P1000510 P1000516 P1000521 P1000520 P1000527 P1000535 P1000544 P1000551 P1000552 P1000558 P1000560 P1000562 P1000563 P1000574

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