Dubai 2015 – My 7 days (in pictures)

Before I start telling you about the contemporary art bonanza that is Art Basel week here in Hong Kong (I shouldn’t really call it Art Basel week but it seems everything is focussed around and pre-the event)…it’s time to show you my previous 7 days in Dubai in pictures (excluding the Sharjah Biennial 12, which will follow in another post). From “The Beach” marina (yes the beach is called “The Beach”), shoreline wanders, camel watching, killer sunshine, obligatory hot dog legs, paleo breakfast at The Cycle Bistro post-spin class, juice juice juice, pop-up offices, random eats and treats, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, the hidden pork room at Waitroise, 7km 7am international run, skyscrapers to skylines, hazy skies and sandy landscapes…it was one whirlwind adventure meeting old and new friends (thanks JC for having me!). Sunshine is one of the best therapies where being by water takes me somewhere else in my mind. Hello clarity. I think I need to live by water in my next locale. To manaXi, forever CDBTMATS.

IMG_20150302_202718 P1000033 P1000038 P1000042 P1000048 IMG_0005 P1000050 P1000052 P1000058 P1000057 IMG_20150303_155448 P1000063 P1000089 IMG_20150303_120524 P1000091 IMG_20150304_102250 P1000099 P1000105 P1000107 P1000109 P1000116 P1000130 IMG_0024 P1000123 P1000131 IMG_0031 P1000126 P1000134 P1000137 P1000139 IMG_0045 IMG_0068 IMG_0038 P1000141 IMG_0040 IMG_0053 P1000575 IMG_20150308_065112  IMG_0121IMG-20150308-WA0002

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