‘Touchable Memories’ – photographs into 3D-printed objects

Friday inspiration for the mind…I came across this short film and design experience (as I’ve called it), through swissmiss’s blog…one of many blogs I follow. Called Touchable Memories’ by pirate3D, it turns photographs into 3D-printed objects for people who are losing or without vision. They call it ‘a social experiment where we gave technology an innovative application, testing it in an unexplored field and achieving incredible results, making people aware of the endless possibilities of using technology to make our lives better.’ A simple, engaged, life-changing, tactile moment of change that has the ability to communicate a lost world through a new vision. How technology should be developed.

‘Sometimes you can take a photo, double it and take it with you, with movies it’s a little bit different, you cannot touch it.’

‘Memories for me as a blind person are almost like dreams, like a gust of wind, it is there and it is gone and you can have it forever.’

‘I know all the details in my mind but I cannot see it.’

To me, a memory is a moment that we hold on to, but which over time fades little by little. It’s important to take memories back…’

‘If I could touch the picture, I could make the memory tangible again…I can find myself in the picture.’

‘Technology if just a tool, people give it purpose.’

Touchable Memories Pirate3d 2

Touchable Memories Pirate3d 1

Touchable Memories Pirate3d 3

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 13.54.50

Touchable Memories Pirate3d 4

Touchable Memories Pirate3d 5

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