July Papercutting – Read Me. Write Me. Draw Me.

As my PhD comes to an end (it is FINALLY happening), I am starting to get back to a certain corner of my art practice – facilitating paper, bookbinding, book-making and book arts workshops, where, this week, I worked with Charnwood Arts in Loughborough, UK, giving a papercutting workshop. I was invited to take part in their children’s festival ‘Read Me. Write Me. Draw Me.’ that is running during the summer holidays until 3 August 2014. I am never sure whether papercutting is one word or two (paper cutting). Anyway, I’m digressing as usual. On the day, I only had a few participants (I blame the distraction of the good weather), in the morning working with people from Charnwood Arts (thanks Rebecca, Bharti and Hema!) and in the afternoon with two thirteen year old girls Molly and Bethan. Below are photographs from the day showing the fantastic, intricate and personalised cuts that they created. I was lucky (well maybe unlucky?) to have the Leicester Mercury photograph me in the afternoon, so I’ll be in the local rag. It’ll appear sometime this week and I’ll no doubt share the photos here…UPDATE here is the link to the article (luckily with no photo of me!).

After the workshop, I went to meet Katherine from Leicestershire Craft Centre in Market Harborough, UK, as she wants to trial some of my workshops in her area and if popular, schedule more for the coming year – 2015. Frightening saying 2015. So watch this space. I’ll post information online here and through my Twitter of my forthcoming November workshop with them, and if and when others are coming up. In the meantime, have a look at Leicestershire Craft Centre’s website for other workshops they offer….from textiles to upholstery, jewellery to crocheting, and so much more. On Saturday 9th August 2014, I’ll hopefully be facilitating a one-day ‘Introduction to Bookbinding’ workshop at Milton Keynes Arts Centre…there are still places available if you want to join me for just £50 for the day. I’m sure I’ll be running more in the future at different venues…again I’ll keep you posted.

Rachel Marsden papercutting 10

Rachel Marsden papercutting 9

Rachel Marsden papercutting 8

Rachel Marsden papercutting 6

Rachel Marsden papercutting 7

Rachel Marsden papercutting 5

Rachel Marsden papercutting 4

Rachel Marsden papercutting 11

Rachel Marsden papercutting 3

Rachel Marsden papercutting 2

Rachel Marsden papercutting 1

Molly and Bethan papercut article

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