My ears like to hear…Part V

Apparently I wrote the last ‘My ears like hear…’ back in February. How has it been that long?! It is definitely time for another aural post…this time dedicated to a close friend Stephen to fuel this moment in time, his moment in time. Here are the songs and sounds that I’ve been listening to lately, all thirteen of them. If you missed the posts before, here’s a link to parts I to IV. There are some serious sounds in here…many addictions…sonic waves that crawl under my skin, into the inners of my self and soul, making me move, making me stop, making me think, making me silent. Making me, me.


Pretty much in love with this duo…in every single way, shape and form. If they were a drug I’d be addicted, much like I am on Grimes. Blue Hawaii you are my Summer 2014 and I want to thank you for being my soundtrack. I’m not going to describe them much beyond their dense female harmonies over layered synth electro abstract niceness – “melancholic disjointed paradise” – I’m just going to say listen…NOW. Go and get lost in them as I do every day at the moment.




What my dreams would sound like…definitely my cloud dreams. Shigeto‘s – Zach Saginaw’s – electronic and live instrumental sampled wonderment builds with excitement and awe. The percussion driving through. This 30-minute recording of a live performance deserves attention. Shigeto is his grandfather’s name meaning “to grow bigger”, and his sounds do…in so many ways.



The Acid

Relaxed male vocal simplicity set over repeated guitar melodies, electronic bass lines and clap clap claps. The Acid heats up to emotional passionate lyricism. Music to melt to, stop and stare to.

The Acid


Little Dragon

This single ‘Klapp Klapp’ by Little Dragon. Another female vocalist that seeps into your soul like Grimes and FKA Twigs and Fifi Rong with disparate energy that you can’t quite keep up with…there’s a rhythmical nervousness to these tracks that keeps you.


Fever Ray

Can’t beat a little from Fever Ray, the lead singer of The Knife. A beautiful, beautiful Swedish voice with such edge and distinction from other female singers. Enough said. Just listen.


Cashmere Cat

ADDICTED to these guys and they possibly have the best band name ever. Cashmere Cat and their disjointed lyricism over sampled electronicism and strings literally crawls into my veins. Beautifulness encapsulated in an aural form, especially this track Wedding Bells.


Oscar Key Sung

Another artist I’m pretty much addicted to at the moment…and when you listen you can hear why. Key Sung is infectious with soulful vocals over curt, sharp-edged bass beats and sampled melodic undertones, quite similar to Hudson Mohawke, which you can definitely hear this is his track ‘ARCHITexture’ below. . These fragmented songs that stop me from thinking because of their complexity. I love the video for ‘It’s Coming‘ below as it begins in Shanghai. A combination of a few of my favourite things right there.

Oscar Key Sung



Hello PERC. Intense, bass drive, synthesised, electronic beats. From London for late nights, for busy minds, for moments of rawness and animal energy, for tomorrow because today is already done. A hint of late 1990s house and acid house in there.




A track to let everything come out, for every thought to become real, for every emotion to take hold. This song, this artist Låpsley (Holly Lapsley Fletcher, a teenager from Merseyside in the UK) freezes me with her transcendent voice and purity, with a hint of London Grammar about her with more instrumental backing and more vocal bite. She helps me just be me. A next big thing for sure. One to watch. Listen to here sounds below and let her sing out…to you.




Tani (Tani Ghaffarsedeh) is a composer, visual artist and singer from London who samples, plays, layers, builds, blends sounds and existing audios to create cacophonous tracks over repetitive percussions. Her understanding as sound as art practice reigns through as her work comes with a different kind of confidence. Someone who I’d like to work with at some stage for sure. Like Shigeto above, she builds with awe and expectation and doesn’t disappoint.




I’m not usually one to post more mainstream sounds on here, but I’ve always liked the work of Jessie Ware, where her new single ‘Tough Love’ is definitely worthy of a listen. Her voice is captivating, emotional, heartfelt set of cheeky electronic soundbytes and beats…very much a trend within female singers right now.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 20.31.47



This song called ‘SAPA’ by Abuela is tribal, transitory, acoustic, electronic…the soundtrack to an experience of travel by a Peruvian collective.


Finishing on DyE…a pinch of the synth electro-pop with a hint of house, the outlandish, the silly, the party, the visual, the game, the sounds a little bit like Hot Chip, the get’s right under your skin and you can’t stop singing it and moving to it. I was sent the DyE: She’s Bad video (made by Dent de Cuir) by a friend (actually Stephen who this blog post is dedicated to) and it’s bad (in a good way)…bad good…good for everything to end this blog post. Enjoy it in all it’s French kinda Japanese glory…it’s explicit, sexual visual glory. I love it. I love them. I love how it defines another piece of Rachel and Wordgirl. OK?


dye 2


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