Information on Chinese Contemporary Art? Find it online!

As the digital age progresses at a frenetic pace in what is China’s century, there is always the question of how to document and archive information and perspectives on Chinese contemporary art and culture. Moreover, there is the issue of how to share all this information, much of which is created in an instantaneous and somewhat fleeting way. I recently wrote a series of articles for Art Radar Asia looking into where to find information on Chinese contemporary art and culture digitally, online via your laptop, tablet or smart phone, showing you readers what is offered through video and film, personal blogs, the Twittersphere and Instagram, alongside other platforms. I compiled list upon list of the must go-to people, places and points of view…so have a look…there’s a voice or vision out there for everyone.

1. The top online resources for Chinese contemporary art – curator Rachel Marsden’s tips

This article is the first in the series looking into which websites and newsletters are the best to sign up to in order to find out information on Chinese contemporary art and culture digitally, online via your laptop, tablet or phone.

2. Chinese contemporary art according to Instagram – curator Rachel Marsden on who to follow now

In the era of prolific online image sharing and the overuse of the photographic “selfie”, Instagram allows unprecedented access to artists’ lives and works. Viewing and following China’s art practitioners takes on the allure of celebrity-chase, giving people around the globe an insight into events, exhibitions and happenings in the art world that they could never normally experience. In a similar vein to BLOUIN Artinfo‘s weekly ‘Instagrams of the Art World’ article series, I give you (in no particular order) a selection of people, collectives, institutions, galleries and spaces to follow in the Chinese contemporary art world. From the established to emerging artist, the writer to the critic, the commercial gallery to art library, go and get lost through their eyes… and if you want to, go and have a look through my eyes too – @rachel_marsden

Rachel Marsden Instagram

3. Chinese contemporary art – where to find the most up-to-date news

The final in this series of articles focuses on Chinese contemporary art news as it happens – the world of self-publishing websites including blogs, WordPress and Tumblr sites. The stated sixteen are the “where to go” reads to keep up-to-date with Chinese contemporary art and its place globally, culturally, socially and economically.

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