This is Fifi Rong

I haven’t written explicitly about music lately…I’m long overdue writing another ‘My ears like to hear’ post leading on from parts I to III. Until then, I thought I’d tell you about an up-and-coming female artist (singer, songwriter and producer) that I came across last week and have been speaking a lot by email…as I’m hoping to schedule her to play as part of a forthcoming project.

This is Fifi Rong. Originally from Beijing, now living in London, she immediately caught my attention along similar lines to Grimes and FKA Twigs…two performers that in 2013 I had a little bit of a female creative crush, on as you readers know.

Set against a carefully cultivated background of electro-bass-beat-ambience, her voice is something else…vulnerable fluttering of poetic conviction and alluring lyricism that feeds my inner wordgirl…vocals that cut through the aural landscape like a bird in slow flight amongst the clouds. Bleeding into my soul it makes me melt into the moment, the situation I stand in, and what I see in front of me. It has hypnotizing power, sensitivity and deep intimacy where I swear anything could happen whilst listening to this. Her Chinese roots stake a firm claim in her sound creating a transcultural aural hybridity, a traditional infiltration and edge, which make her work stand clear with clarity and beauty from the crowd. Recently, she covered ‘Somewhere Only we Know’ by Keane (shown below), far more distinct in my opinion than Lily Allen’s version that we couldn’t escape this Christmas in the UK courtesy of the John Lewis advert.

Fifi Rong 1

She currently has an album out called ‘Wrong’ released in September 2013, and is releasing a new EP in April 2014 with a secret party. Keep an eye out for information on this here and on her Facebook as I have a distinct feeling it is going to be Fifi‘s year…and you won’t want to miss it. I’m going to be there and can’t wait.

“Ageless tradition dances with contemporary grace all around Miss Fifi Rong. Her delicate, paper voice flutters ethereal yet, her words resonate with colossal strength – the effect is extraordinarily compelling; comparable to watching a peony flower open in time-lapse – countless, exquisitely-scented layers of smooth, organic bliss – stunning.” – Mel – Braver than Fiction

Fifi Rong 2

Fifi Rong 3

Fifi Rong 4


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