November Bookbinding

A few Saturdays ago, I gave another ‘Introduction to Bookbinding’ day course, this time at Milton Keynes Arts Centre. At the moment, these teaching opportunities are like my guilty pleasure, taking me back to being an artist, away from the intensity of PhD land that is somewhat overwhelming at the moment. The venue was something else as you can see…a converted 17th Century barn complex just outside of Milton Keynes on the grounds of Great Linford Manor. The main building had a traditional thatched roof where there was a gallery, events space and cafe…then the additional buildings housed studios and workshop spaces that had such amazing resources I wish I lived more local. I had a group of five adults that were great to work with and to chat to…such stories and histories came from each of them – thank you all for a truly special day. Find below images of the beautiful books they made from the day. I’m running another course with them on 15th February 2014 if anyone wants to join me? Book your place here…

Bookbinding 7

Bookbinding 15

Bookbinding 1

Bookbinding 2

Bookbinding 3

Bookbinding 4

Bookbinding 5

Bookbinding 6

Bookbinding 8

Bookbinding 9

Bookbinding 10

Bookbinding 11

Bookbinding 14

Bookbinding 12

Bookbinding 13

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