Cycle Shanghai

Over the past week or so I’ve come across so many links, articles and videos relating to Shanghai…Shanghai’s art and architecture, urban development, expat life, economy, art market and urban happenings and more…so I thought I’d do a few posts about all this accumulated knowledge starting with one of my many loves – cycling – which at the moment I can’t do as in the final weeks of recovery kingdom since my surgery. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is not to be able to do something that it pretty much part of your everyday existence, that maintains balance and clarity in your routine and mind, and is a little bit of a (healthy) addiction. It’s always there at the back of my mind. The roads better watch out when I get back on them. Seriously…

During my days of living in Shanghai, and as I’ve mentioned many times before, I got to know the founders of the fixed gear boutique Factory 5 who organise weekly night rides every Tuesday evening. I remember when there were literally only a handful of people attending…where even in the space of a year that I’ve been away its escalated like you wouldn’t believe, proving that it’s somewhat fashionable right now to be a fixie/cycling kid but also showing how big the expat community has got in Shanghai. Growing every second of everyday and as this article states that China and Thailand are the best expat countries to live in because of the favourable economies…no surprises there then. 

expat map

So here’s a video of one of the most recent night rides and seriously look how many people there are now?! Thanks to Dirk Bekkering for this. Wishing I could join them tonight.

Thought I’d finish the post with this infographic by Galen CroutCyclists Survival Guide to Shanghai – that outlines the nuances and pitfalls of cycling in China and Shanghai. It provides a clever and witty survey of the other players on the streets and some projections of the future of road safety in China. Completely spot on about who rules the roads in the city. I used to cycle with such conviction over there…more so than here in the UK…as there felt some sort of extra safety in numbers as such as there were so many cyclists on the road…however, as you readers know, I’ve had some close calls and crashes in my time…like most riders there…that you never forget. I’ll be back on the roads soon…and on the roads of Shanghai sooner than you think. Until then, those of you who do cycle, cycle for me this week, cycle harder and faster until you feel a pinch of fear, a sense of freedom, and a until small contented smile appears on your face. 











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