Shanghai ‘From the 23rd’ Floor

A little taster of Shanghai…another insight into China. Called ‘From the 23rd’ by producer, cinematographer and motion developer Joe Nafis, it is a three-minute film shot from the filmmaker’s apartment on the 23rd floor in Shanghai from October 2011 to October 2013. It has been doing the social media rounds this week and yet again has made me nostalgic about the city I once lived in. With an apt soundtrack by Bonobo, that reflects the energy of the city, it shows a two-year timeframe of how this city has and is changing every second of every day…the rapid pace of this change, urban and architectural destruction and redevelopment, the change in season and impact of pollution, the routine of daily like for locals and expats, the ever-flowing energy of the city as it goes from day to night never sleeping, the vibrancy of colour, the scale and impact of the structures and landscape, the air of a Chinese existence…and, not forgetting, the power of the city’s views, something that I completely and utterly fell in love with whilst I was there especially daydreaming from my 7th floor French Concession apartment bedroom window. Take a second out to enjoy the view. 

Shanghai Joe Nafis 2

Shanghai Joe Nafis 1

Shanghai Joe Nafis 3

Shanghai Joe Nafis 4

Shanghai Joe Nafis 5

Shanghai Joe Nafis 6

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