My ears like to hear…Part III

Time for part three of this series, following on from Part I and Part II (see the links). If you like what you hear, then you must download an album that’s free through bandcamp called ‘Covers Mixtape #12’ by Hand Games. So here’s another ten (I’ve been generous this time and given you a couple more) of those sounds, speakers, souls that are infiltrating my aural domain at the moment. From all over the world…from recent to past recording artists and performance artists. Listen hard. Listen loud. Listen until you can’t feel anything else. A lot of cycling beautiful bikes in most of these music videos too funnily enough.


“What does it sound like? What does it smell like? What does it look like? How does it feel? I always ask myself these questions when I’m writing,” says singer and producer Nanna Øland Fabricius. “I think that Oh Land has a unique landscape all on its own. I strive to make the possibilities endless and to have all the senses collide in to a language on their own.” Her album comes out in late September, I can’t wait. ‘Boxer’ and ‘Renaissance Girl’ are from the forthcoming album. She has abs that mine should go into battle with…an abs off. I’ve got the gold jacket wearing and hair pulling dance moves down to a tee. Let’s “fight”. And when I say fight, I mean dance like prats.



A few finds from Australia lately, including this youngster…Becky Sui Zhen. I get lost in her tones, her rhyming, her poetry, her fable melodies. I like her boyish geek-chic as well that is pretty much me everyday. I’m in love with the fact she’s a parody of “cool”. Like Rachel. I’d love to work with her.

Sui Zhen 1

Sui Zhen 2

Sui Zhen 3



So my Shanghai friend Hamacide introduced me to this boy Lapalux and it’s the best music to write to…get lost in words to…stay up late into the night to…so tonight after whatever you’ve been doing, play this. Melt into whatever surface you’re sitting or laying on.



Huge reference in the work of Brothers Hand Mirror I think to the work of Shabazz Palaces who I mentioned back in Part I…abstract spoken word, hip-hop, electro sampling cuts make these disjointed tracks something else. A pinch of aggressive banter in there too.



Late. Night. Prefuse 73. Can’t see anymore so can only hear moments.



A Shanghai favourite creeping into this blog post. Exquisite Delegates cheeky articulate vocals over beautifully constructed and sometimes live music. Summer skits, dance and slides to these songs. I can feel myself moving already, rather than like with some of these other tracks sinking deep into the surface on which I’m lying.



Taking a trip with these guys. That is all.



Another Australian find. These guys Seekae help me in those moments when I can’t see straight, when I can’t breathe, when I want to run and escape whatever I’m in. I close my eyes to this. I fight to this. I feel to this.



Her voice drifts through my mind like a fairytale narrative, hiding in the corners of my mind, running its fingers through strands of memories. Let Rainbow Chan do the same to you.

Rainbow Chan 1

Rainbow Chan 2

Rainbow Chan 3

Rainbow Chan 4

Rainbow Chan 5

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