In one second on the internet there are…

An end of the day Friday find in the form of a very clean-cut and direct infographic called ‘In one second on there internet there are…’ that states some pretty insanely high figures about how we use the online in the 2013 digital age that we are all, on a daily basis, so immersed in and cannot function without globally…which is quite a frightening thought. I always wish my iPhone could disappear sometimes. I loved the days of only being able to use a landline to call people and sending letters, words by post. As you know I’m a traditional word girl at heart and will always aim to keep the Royal Mail going…yet at the same time I’m mildly obsessed with Instagram, sharing what I see visually with my social media land. Want to get overwhelmed by stats? You’ve come to the right place.

“10 years ago Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox and Instagram didn’t exist.

20 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn’t even around yet and you had to pay for an email account through an ISP.

30 years ago there was no internet.”

one second 1

one second 2

one second 3

one second 4

one second 5


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