Shanghai Fixed Gear – Steven Jensen

Quick fixie find for a Monday morning and Shanghai nostalgia. A video and images of fixed gear rider Steven Jensen. The video made by Steven shows a four-hour ride round the one and only city of Shanghai…great soundtrack by Ta-Ku too, one of my favourite summer sounds right now. The photographs below were shot by Bureau 36 Photography (Benoit Florencon) inside the factory where the H plus Son rims are made in Shanghai…a pair of which came back with me from Shanghai last October and are now on my B-B fixie here in the UK. I love their polished deep-rimmed mirror shine on the SL42’s I have. I’ll post some pictures of B-B here soon. Summer rides in full force. I miss cycling the streets of Shanghai. There really is nothing quite like it. Steve has some serious ink going on…and those tunnels aren’t going anywhere boy. He reminds me of a certain five-year phase of my life that’s stayed with me. I’ve just booked myself in for some more ink. Maybe a bit more than needed…watch this space.










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