Are you creatively satisfied?

Thanks to swissmiss for this very late Thursday night find…a find that makes me (us) realise the rollercoaster of an existence, the emotional life and understanding of being a creative, is normal. It’s shared. It’s family. That the discontent we battle against every single day is part of the creative process. That some days are better than others. That we ultimately love what we do. And that, as I well know, we hate being stuck behind a desk.

This film is the first in a three-part series by the people at The Great Discontent. Through the Brooklyn Beta course that took place 10-12 October 2012, they set up a small filming station to record brief interviews with conference attendees asking – Are You Creatively Satisfied? I love the work of The Great Discontent in NYC.

Today I’m fuzzy with creative glow because of the people I’ve spoken to and the projects in planning…the excited at the possibilities feeling has kicked any fear or doubt out of the park, suburb, district and town tonight.

How are you feeling?

creativity 1

creativity 2

creativity 3


  1. It’s so amazing to hear our own thoughts out of other folks’ mouths. What a wonderful reminder of the journey, both its triumphs and setbacks.

    1. Well said! Setbacks are as important as the triumphs, although the negatives always seem to get remembered more than the positives sometimes, hope your week is going well!

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