WOOD.b – Wooden Bikes

…to feed my daily love and need for cycling, bikes and fixed gear. Almost an addiction actually. Today, I came across WOOD.b bike by BSG Bikes in Strasbourg, France. BSG was founded by Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos, from the design studio Boltz & Saos based in Strasbourg, where WOOD.b was born from a common passion for bikes and the daily commute.

“A part of the frame is realized in ash plywood and plays the role of the architectural structure on which can be added the high quality steel parts of the brand Columbus (bases and fork) which can welcome standard mechanical elements. The design is justified by the concept of assembly between the steel and the wooden frame. This enables a complete customization of bikes. The combination of wood and steel enables the bike WOOD.b to be solid, comfortable and dynamic! And a head turner right? I’m not sure if some people in the UK could deal with this level of urban design…

The bikes will be available from September 2013, and ummmm can I have one please? (I have no idea of cost by the way). You can even custom build your own ride from a selection box of different woods and steel. These bikes are definitely for dry-day Summer rides, empty clean streets and city get together adventures, where you daydream and get lost in blue skies and whimsical picnic thoughts. Perfect.

wood.b 6

wood.b 5

wood.b 4

wood.b 1

wood.b 2

wood.b 3


  1. Thx for your post !
    Of course you can have one ! We’re going to publish prices very soon…

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