The New Elegance – China

A short film for Saturday by Shanghai friend-filmmaker-photographer-creative-skater Jonathon Lim, created for the Martell Noblige TV campaign – The New Elegance – in China. It is a compilation of 6 short documentaries shot in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xiamen and Anhui. The soundtrack is by Thrupence who I adore right now…definitely sounds for Summer days and cycling the streets.

This short film gives snapshots of the cities, of the creative energy and power in those cities through personal insight into art, design, film and sport practice…it shows their motivations…the power of the individual, and of the people…how the chaos and disorder of your surroundings can breed clarity…how the fight from the normal, the ordinary, the mediocre is so important to freedom…and for me, how China has this untouchable ability to inspire, drive you forward and make things happen.

Martell 2

“The word sharing is important…we are all equal, we are all friends.”

Martell 1

“We often get lost because every day we are studying others…we would do better to study ourselves.”

Martell 3

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  1. dear Rachel, how are you? and where are you?

    thanks for your “words”. really enjoy receiving them. we are setting off to plan for TEDxShanghai 2013, may be on stage around end Oct.

    i wonder if you could think of a few special encounters or friends who could be our speakers, you know we like a wide range. i am sure you can add a lot to our ideas.

    this year our theme will likely be “Power of X”. as in :

    X is a place, a crossroads, where people meet and make connections X is the origin of all creation Possibilities Variable Cross cultural Cross disciplinary Unknown Crossing Intersection Poetry of Math Uniqueness- X Chromosome Malcolm X : “For me, my ‘X’ replaced the white slavemaster name of ‘Little’ Handwritten kisses – xo

    merci, hope you are dry well.

    r i c h a r d 徐 c h i n a + 86 135-1212-9191 s k y p e hsu901

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