My ears like to hear…PART I

I thought I start telling you what I’m listening to right now…what my Summer of 2013 is guided by…what I lose myself in…what I write words to…what I feed my soul with…what I cycle to the ends of the earth to…what my life soundtrack becomes…what I close my eyes and breathe so deeply to I could be anywhere in the world, right now. Here is Part I (I’ll list 8 artists and performers per part)…as music really is an important part of my make-up, of Rachel, of experience. Let me know what your choices are and what you think…


Now I’ve posted about this girl before, and as you well know, I’m a little bit in love with her and her music right now. Something about all that she is…and her blog is something pretty damn amazing too…her reality in full…take a look here if you haven’t already. Love. Here’s Grimes – Genesis


I have this strange interplay of experimental hip-hop in amongst other things that I seem to be investigating more and more…Shabazz Palaces being one of them…it has to have a certain darkside edge to it though, as you’ll see later on in this post…


Introduced to this Japanese wonder by a Shanghai friend…similar to Grimes in some respects…so loving this and her album collage-orific album artwork too…



Seriously this boy has some really deep bass wrenching tracks that bleed into your soul (if you play them loud enough)…favourites at the moment are  Shlohmo – Don’t Say No (ft. How To Dress Well)

…and…Shlohmo – Little Dragon – Sunshine (Shlohmo Remix)

Here’s one track from How to Dress Well too…How To Dress Well – Cold Nites (Total Loss, 2012)


This is the new work of a local Midlands, UK, friend Rob Glover (aka Field Harmonics), taken from his debut album Field Harmonics. I can’t wait to follow his work over the coming years as if this album is anything to go by, he is going to fly, and fast…

Field Harmonics


I’m supposed to be going to a Zebra Katz gig/performance tonight in London but courtesy of impending surgery kingdom and pre-op stuff yesterday and tomorrow I can’t go, and I frickin love this guy! *sad face* And his work…well it’s something so under your skin about his vocals…especially in this track below…Zebra Katz x Boyfriend – W8WTF…it makes me want to stand and stare with hardened conviction at someone…that someone is?


A female performer that I saw earlier in the year in Manchester, UK. Kira Kira is experimental in the respect that she is more of a sound installation artist…as you watch her perform you get lost in her process…her mind…her world…


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