A Paper-cut World IV

Another papercut find…this time by artist Maeve Clancy who creates huge installations, intricate and elaborate, all by hand with her loyal scalpel. Her most recent installation is a replica of Dublin’s quays. It was commissioned by The Tall Ships Festival 2012 through Dublin City Council and is 42 metres long in total. Taking over 70 hours of drawing and 280 hours of cutting, it replicates in detail 2km of buildings that flank Dublin’s river Liffey. A video of the work can be seen below. I love seeing all the paper pieces as they have been cut and disregarded. Such an obsessive labour of love that makes you look at a city in a different way, a landscape from a different perspective…


Maeve Clancy 1

Maeve Clancy 2

Maeve Clancy 3

Maeve also made a music video for Lisa Hannigan – ‘I Don’t Know’…beautiful what can be made with paper right?


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