One Second Every Day

For the past two years Director Cesar Kuriyama has been recording one second every day from his life, editing them together into a montage that forces him to re-evaluate how he approaches each day so he’ll never forget anything ever again. ‘There are so many tiny, beautiful, funny, tragic moments in your life – how are you going to remember them all?’ Cesar says that The One Second Project has had such profoundly positive impact on his life, that he decided to develop an App that will make it easy for anyone to create these day-memories. Watch a promo for the App below that I will no doubt be downloading today and wasting far too much time on, but for good reason right?

He applied for funds for this project through Kickstarter and got a phenomenal response…11,281 backers pledging over $56,000 when he only needed $20,000. But you can see why…as shown in his TED talk. You can’t beat a good TED talk sometimes.

Here’s to seeing life differently, to documenting experiences in new ways, to recording our histories for future generations in a time when everything changes so fast we can barely keep up. This is beyond Facebook and Instagram and I like it.

one second every day




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