Just Skate – Be “Panoramic”

Another week, another skate film, another reminder of Shanghai and China….this time from the super beautiful film by called ‘PANORAMIC’, which captures some of Shanghai’s finest skaters, some friends and a few familiar faces. As always, like with the film ‘Shanghighspeed’ I posted a week or so ago, it brings back a specific feeling…nostalgia…memories of living and breathing that place. I hope to go back to Shanghai and China later in the year for a work, research and a needed social trip. I really am missing that place (the UK isn’t quite the same) and my Shanghai family, although I’ve heard the smog is pretty damn terrible at the moment, masks at the ready…I can happily live without the pollution.

So take a little time out to appreciate this piece of film and their instinctive love for what they do…and how they live it. Be “Panoramic”…like them, like me.

“Amongst the 23 million people inhabiting Shanghai, there is a small and strong skateboard community, many of the individuals in this community are expats that has relocated to China for work or simply to widen their horizon with new experiences. This video documents a year of traveling and skating throughout China, which is quickly becoming the most popular stomping grounds for amateur and professional skateboarders around the world. Marble and architecture perfect for skating as far as the eye can see, as well as great food and culture makes China a great place to experience for any skater. The name “Panoramic” is a metaphor for being open-minded, which is a must for anybody that wants to live and travel in China, for good and bad.”

Panoramic 1

Panoramic 3

Panoramic 5

Panoramic 6


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