Just Skate – Just Ride – Just Film

A few short and very super awesome films to start the weekend, a very snow-filled weekend for me (I’ll post photos tomorrow). Two are about the world of skate – ‘Firefly’ (with a slightly overdramatic soundtrack but nice visually) and ‘Omar Salazar for Nike x Levi’s 511’ (that makes you believe that you can do anything no matter how many times you fail, crash and burn), one about the world of fixed gear with the one and only Factory 5 kids (who I ride with in Shanghai), and finally a showreel by a friend/filmmaker/creative/photographer Jonathan Lim (serious creative inspiration and great work…actually a few of these films are made by him).

They are all worth a moment, worth a second of timeout from the world to take in. It’s funny to see a few of my worlds (that you already know about) colliding through digital means. It makes me feel content inside, but maybe that’s because I’m still in my pyjamas at lunchtime under a million layers in bed staring out of my window into the snow-lined streets of a Staffordshire suburbia. Have a good weekend everyone!


Omar Salazar Nike

Factory 5

Jonathon Lim


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