During laptop time tonight (I’m trying to avoid taking my laptop into the bedroom as a rule but it just happens right? I just know it inevitably makes me stay up later into the early hours…other people do this too surely?), I came across this short film…and it’s timing was perfect. With tired eyes after two long London days, followed by two long Manchester days and nights, it was time to be nostalgic, time to reflect and remember, time for contentment as the snow falls outside my window. I LOVE snow…hoping for a snow day tomorrow or more like hoping, praying, wishing, fingers and toes crossed for a build an igloo day, with ice cream tubs obviously, food colouring too and maybe a hip flask (I haven’t got a big enough hill nearby to sledge down)…we will see. Anyway…that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

SHANGHIGHSPEED 上海延时摄影, made by Tiny Carousel, is a beautifully choreographed piece of video about the frenetic pace, and pace of change in the city of Shanghai, the people and their surroundings, in the city I recently had to leave, leave behind to move on with the changes, challenges and adventures of 2013. And 2013 is certainly one big adventure so far. This handmade time-lapse video is created from 6,148 manually taken shots, none of which were edited or Photoshopped. It is dedicated to anyone who lives, or has lived “in the greatest city on earth” – Shanghai. So, I dedicate this post and the video to my Shanghai-ers, and my ex-Shanghai-ers, those who are no doubt currently asleep on China time or elsewhere in the world…to my BXT-ers (box of trust-ers) who I miss and hold with me every day. People are the most important thing in this world. I hope the city is treating you well, even after all the crazy levels of pollution and smog that’s been going on lately in China…concerningly.

This film made my hairs stand on end…a small smile appear on my face…slight shivers and waves of memories and feelings, fleeting emotions come flooding back…as I saw images of streets I’d once walked down, scenes I’d once stared at, views I’d once lost myself in. I’m sure these experiences will happen again and no doubt with new people and points of reference. Living in Shanghai was such a big chapter in my life that still has not finished, much like my New York chapter…they continue on…never-ending. All part of the journey…

Shanghighspeed 3

Shanghighspeed 1

Shanghighspeed 4

Shanghighspeed 2

Shanghighspeed 5

Shanghighspeed 6

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