Creating nostalgia, creating narratives

A recent book arts find to feed my love of obsessive, intricate, ritualistic creative acts. This series of book works by Alexander Korzer-Robinson are based on his personal obsession of creating narratives, new theatrical scenes, in a small, accessible and intimate format, through the appropriation of antique encyclopedias. Lose yourself in their fable-like fantasy. He sees them as,

“…an exploration and a deconstruction of nostalgia. We create our own past from fragments of reality in a process that combines the willful aspects of remembering and forgetting with the coincidental and unconscious…an encyclopedia can become a window into an alternate world, much like lived reality becomes its alternate in remembered experience. These books, having been stripped of their utilitarian value by the passage of time, regain new purpose. They are no longer tools to learn about the world, but rather a means to gain insight about oneself.” – Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer-Robinson 8

Alexander Korzer-Robinson 7    Alexander Korzer-Robinson 3

Alexander Korzer-Robinson 6

Alexander Korzer-Robinson 2

Alexander Korzer-Robinson 5

Alexander Korzer-Robinson 1

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