“Just Saying”

Watch this before you start your Sunday or before you go to sleep tonight…

“JUST SAYING”…a short film that reaffirms the fact that I will never have a routine or settle for the mundane, that my feet itch to be nomadic, my soul screaming out for adventure, to make memories, that I will continue to keep my faith in mankind, each other, caring for those “box of trust BXT” around me, that I have out-the-box vision, I think differently, creatively, never linear, that I stare at the world, at its beauty for way too long but that’s me, that I will continue to dream big and make things happen as much as I can on a daily basis. “I connect the dots that people can’t see”. I want people to prove me wrong, to listen to their instinct as much as I do and embrace today.

Made by Kennedy Films Ltd., a small production company based in Ireland, it is written and directed by Dave Tynan, produced by Kathryn Kennedy, cinematography by JJ Rolfe and score by Gareth Averill…featuring Emmet Kirwan. Great narration that makes me want to wander the streets with him and put the world to rights. I have London and Shanghai friends I do that with on a regular basis. You BXT-ers know who you are.

“…waiting for the lights to change…I can’t afford the banter anymore…I’m trying to keep the faith…waiting for the days when you’re not looking over your shoulder…just saying you might sick of the “wet weeks”…it’s all getting harder to justify…there’s always reasons for optimism…we’re still waiting for that perfect summer…I keep thinking can we have a little bit of restraint…we’re all connected…just saying you can spend every night talking about the one before…we have the same as everyone else to prove…just saying most of the time we’re too tough on ourselves…we’re at our holiest when it’s the last song…the crack is dead, the wheel keeps turning, days take months and the year flies…I’m just saying you might get sick of it all but then you might miss it, there’s ten good reasons to go and thousands of reasons not to but I don’t know which is which anymore.”


Just Saying 1

Just Saying 3

Just Saying 2

Just Saying 2

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