The Icarus Deception

If you write a blog, I think it’s very important to follow the work of others, other websites, digital resources and like-minded online musings. Surprise, surprise, I have a huge list that I dip into every now and then. My first, many years ago, was the infamous TED. I’d like to think every man and his dog has heard of TED talks by now but I’m not sure they have. Get watching if you haven’t already, and today! It’ll stay with you forever. I love the work of TED and was very lucky to get the chance to know Richard Hsu, Head of TEDxShanghai, during my Shanghai days, and to work on the first TEDxShanghaiWomen event back in December last year (take a look at the website as I put it together). I still need to blog about that…tomorrow I reckon. Anyway, every now and then I pass on inspirational finds, those texts, videos and people who get me pumped up about being a creative in the 21st Century where this one from Swissmiss is no exception.
Called ‘The Icarus Deception’ it is based on a book of the same name recently written by Seth Godin. This short film follows many creatives, from Coolhunting to Tattly, getting their perspectives on what it means to do what you love. The film finishes on all those involved filling in a short piece of paper with their thoughts and responses to ‘this is my art:’, leaving it in a unsold copy of ‘The Icarus Deception’ for someone new, the new buyer and owner of that book to find and read – get involved with the project through the fly closer to the sun website. I like the process of this…very similar to the ‘Find and Seek’ bookmark project I did back in 2008. I don’t think the website for that is still live…it had a clunky visual aesthetic, so outdated now!
image 5
So here are some memorable quotes from ‘The Icarus Deception’ to distract from Friday, to fuel your creativity at the end of the week, the first week of 2013.
  • “If you’re passionate about something it means it makes you happy, and when you’re happy, every one around you is happy which means the world is a better place.” – Tina Roth Eisenberg
  • “The internet has created the connection revolution. The internet let’s connections multiply, it lets ideas spread…they don’t take a lot of technology, they take guts to say what you have to say.” – Seth Rodin
  • “Life’s too short not to do something that you’re thoroughly passionate about.” – Tina Roth Eisenberg
  • “Anything worth doing is something that’s going to make you feel fear, but what overrides that is this hard to explain feeling that it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.” – Sarma Melngailis
  • “We can wake up every day and ask all the reasons it might not work, but we try to ask why it will.” – Sasha Dichter

Um how is it the 4th January already? It’s also my eldest brother’s birthday today. If you know him, you’ll know he’s one amazing, inspiration too that I feel very lucky to have in my life every single day. Happy Birthday bro bro!

image 1

image 2

image 3
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