The beginning of 2013…

…was spent in Bristol (UK), on a farm, with two of my “box of trust” BXT-ers and their friends at a late-night party that can only be described as cathartic carnage at an early 1990s rave…and that era theme seemed to continue all through the night into the early hours with a music mixtape making playlist until 6.30am from Pearl Jam to SOAD, Nirvana to Beck, The Roots to The Fugees ending on Al Green. Actually New Year’s Day started will Al Green, which suddenly brought back flashbacks of the night straight back to me. I raised my head from my pillow hearing the music bellow out from the lounge after only 3 hours sleep to laugh out loud. Yes, that was New Year’s Eve Rachel and I apparently did have a fruit fight in the kitchen just before sleep time shouting something about pith. Random adventures, making memories as always. So many words to describe the night, the most memorable being “Ker-doing”. I smiled from beginning to end on the first day of January and so may it continue.

The farm


This year I don’t really have resolutions, and don’t really understand the point of them. Just make small positive changes to your life that stay with you forever, don’t jump on the fad wagon! For me it is to get healthy as it’s going to one medical-filled year that has the potential to change my life forever, which one day I will fill you in on in complete detail. Be prepared. Only close friends know right now. Today started with beetroot, cucumber, celery and ginger juice followed by eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms and then fresh pineapple. PhD words in between. Spinning and yoga to follow. An evening of catch up chats with people as everyone has been so frantic over the holiday period it’s time to touch base. It certainly is back to it today, in full force with no messing around…but I have a feeling that’s how 2013 as a year is going to be. Amongst other things, known and unknown, it’s to be a year of…

  • Getting healthy, recovering, healing in body and mind;
  • Finishing my PhD along with curating its accompanying projects;
  • A semester of Visiting Lecturing in Fine Art practice at the University of Wolverhampton;
  • Invited lectures and giving conference papers at universities and events globally (in progress);
  • Helping Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester (UK) grow and evolve regionally, nationally and internationally to make its mark;
  • Artist’s books projects  in progress as I’m finally getting back to “practicing”;
  • Staring less at digital screens. which is going to be difficult considering I’ve got to write an 80,000 word thesis;
  • Getting more work published in print (again in progress);
  • Seeing more live music, going to more gigs and music festivals to forget my name;
  • Cycling more on my boy fixie as soon as the weather stops messing around, and getting back to a ballet routine. Ballet legs need to get back in action;
  • Blogging every other day, sharing more information, even if only for a few words or a photograph;
  • Replying to people as soon as possible because people are important!
  • Turning 30 over and over and over again (because you know I’ll end up having more than one party in more than one international city) and making my 30 year as memorable as possible;
  • Seeing babies being born and BXT-ers getting married, as I am at “that” age, well they are, I might not be…celebrating life in that way;
  • Travelling (hopefully) to Dubai & Sharjah, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Germany, New York and other parts of the USA, and other parts of Europe and Asia no doubt. I’m promising myself a proper holiday, or I might have to wait until post-PhD. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Marsden on her way. YES;
  • And of course taking care of my family and friends, seeing them at every opportunity.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and 2013. Here is how yesterday looked. I’m in love with the UK sky. To the beginning of the 2013. Take a deep breath in. No matter how excited and nervous I am about what’s ahead, I know it’s going to one amazing year, I can feel it. Can you? Smile. Now.






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