“The gift of giving” – Christmas 2012

The whole of Sunday afternoon, an unpredictable body day for Rachel accompanied by napping and painkiller kingdom (thanks to Box of Trust (BXT) conversations with friends to get me through it), was spent writing over 60 Christmas cards (that’s just the UK and Europe alone) and sending gifts, well…sending more of a message about the “gift of giving”. I have a love of keeping the dying art of sending post alive if people didn’t already know…and writing…writing with a traditional ink fountain pen. Although after writing that many cards I did question it!

This year, instead of sending gifts to people, I’ve decided to give a donation to a charity I got to know during my China days called ‘Baby Come Home (宝贝回家)’ who help to find and return kidnapped children to their families. I found out about it through the guys who are making an amazing documentary called ‘Living with Dead Hearts’ (trailer shown below). I’m trying to help to get it screened in the UK once it’s ready in 2013. Be warned, every time I watch this trailer I nearly or do cry as this must be one of the most distressing things in life to have happen to you. Why on earth does it happen more to the point?! The world is a surprising place every single day as the recent Connecticut school shooting has proved. I like to have faith in mankind, and wish everyone else did too. As I always keep on saying…people, health and happiness are the most important things in life, in this world…none of which you can really buy…and, as I learnt in China, you really don’t need that much to live, or to even live well…so what do people actually need? That’s why I’m giving in this way this year.

So I’m wishing you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS wherever you are in the world. You are in my thoughts. May it be joy-filled, peaceful and happy over the festive period with your family and friends, and friends that are basically like family, I know I have many of them. For the first time in a few years I’ll be back in the UK with my family in the North Staffordshire/Shropshire countryside and it’s going to be special. I’ll no doubt write about New Year and my intended resolutions soon, and also what 2013 has to bring…in a big, big way. Word. Peace. Love.

Christmas cards 1

Christmas card 1

Christmas card 2

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2

Christmas stars

Christmas cards 2


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