What I’m reading #2

When I was back in the UK last time at the end of the July 2012, I wrote about ‘What I’m reading’ and how it was good for me to read non-academic, PhD or art related print…well, this stack of books brings me straight back to what the next academic year (2012-13) is all about…(finally) completing my PhD. Dr. Marsden on her way. Only 80,000 words to write…actually, one chapter is pretty much grounded and I have a good sense of where the others are heading now even though throughout the other three years of research work they have been re-negotiated and re-framed. Everything changes and manifests over time though right? So here’s what I’ve recently acquired, a welcome back gift package from my Mom (thank you 谢谢), a Mom that I’d don’t know what I’d do without at the moment courtesy of HTC (hospital test chaos – an acronym for everything as usual) – that’s a blog post that’s going to be revelatory and pretty honest…and one of the main reasons why I’m back on UK soil right now.

A lot of heavy reading ahead that I’m going to be wading through over the coming months. Also for reference, here are a couple of images of how many books I have back in my UK office in my home. I really did not think I had this many and there are more coming from China in bright green turquoise China Post boxes as we speak. Some might call it a library…others a waste of money…some an obsession…others my pension in a visual word format. Whatever it is, all I know is I love print, the feel and hold of a beautifully designed book, the smell of its pages, but I’ve spoken about that before. Friends, family, books, ballet, fixed gear building, typewriters and China. That’s where I am right now.


  1. I love the pictures of your current pile of books!

    Thinking about the Barthes book reminded me of CHINA DIARY by Stephen Spender and David Hockney – which I’d recommend if you’ve not already read it. It’s an account of their also highly structured travels in China in 1982. Very interesting.

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