The healing process

As many of you know I crashed my bike just over a week ago and with it crashed my body into the concrete streets of Shanghai. The recovery and healing process has been pretty interesting to play out with cuts and bruises appearing in places that I didn’t think I’d hurt…and boy are they painful. My chest and left hand side lower ribs have been the most testing, along with my left knee that actually seems to be getting more and more awkward over time. Questionable. Seriously, these photos below make me realise that knees are quite ugly looking things, well mine are right now, and for some reason I have one leg more tanned than the other(?!). And please will someone stop me from picking the scabs too, it’s an addiction…I need mittens. At the weekend I met a guy who’d recently crashed his bike too and had fallout marks in exactly the same places…shoulder, wrist, knee. Funny. A skate friend also screwed his ankle up a week or so ago, and the day after I had my bike crash, my flatmate fell over at work, knocking himself out, breaking his elbow. I ended up helping him go to hospital to get x-rays done and a L-shaped (not really doing the job as it was done so badly) cast put on that he has to frustratingly battle with for the next 2 weeks now. I swear our apartment is a little cursed…someone needs to “break” it. That could have been me with broken bones. I was definitely lucky that day. Must…stop…picking. More to the point I must get out of my pyjamas, it’s lunchtime already. The pleasures of being freelance right now.

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