Riding out the end of Summer – Part II

Yesterday I spoke about cycle times and riding the streets, today it’s skate. This Summer, I’ve been also been spending time with some of the skate guys here from all corners of the world. Guys pretty damn good to say the least at what they do, being in China because of it…seems the best of the best are here right now in so many different, including creative, realms. I’ve felt a kind of freedom during the past few months no doubt brought on by the people I’ve surrounded myself with as there’s a specific mindset that goes with cycling…skating. It’s a way of life, part of your soul and comforting somehow. I’m not sure whether I should be putting the worlds of fixies and skate together but who cares…it was a great Summer.

The strange thing is, back in May when I went to Shenzhen and Hong Kong (I still need to post from that trip), I took photos of skaters that I watched for a while who were at the OCT art district, not knowing at that time who they were…then, by chance, I met them a few weeks later outside a KEDI convenience store back in Shanghai. The world really is a small place, as I also established on Friday too at Factory 5’s beer bash seeing a guy there who I’d bumped into in Southwark, London (UK), in July. Funny right? Apparently you’re not supposed to take photos of skaters without asking, there’s some sort of term for that too…and I’m it.

So as I try again to mark the end of Summer I thought I’d post another of Skaters Atlas‘s films…I’ve spoken about ‘Skaters Atlas’ before here. This is their Summer montage, which I’m loving right now. This year’s Summer spent between the UK and China really has been something else, bringing feelings that right this second I don’t think I can put into words…strange for Rachel to be honest. When I think about it I smile contently, and then laugh a little.

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