Caught in a storm

I had to share this…nature’s soundtrack in Shanghai last Friday morning. Absolutely phenomenal sound, and unreal change in light as the dark clouds moved in. This kind of atmosphere and energy fuels me. No one controls it, owns it, holds it. It is a complete reality,  a kind of spiritual reminder of how uncontrollable and unpredictable life is…real life in motion. I love the sound of thunder as it gives me a feeling inside like no other. I wanted to stand with my face up to the sky, eyes closed, smiling. Instead I stared out into the storm, transfixed from my 7th floor bedroom window. Shanghai is turning Autumnal…the sunshine and humidity finally fading with unpredictable rain bursts causing chaos, stopping me from riding the streets, although a bike crash earlier today also made that happen (that’s another blog post). It feels a little like the UK weather now. Only four weeks until I leave this city for the next chapter…we won’t speak about that yet.

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