Preview: ‘NOW INK’ at ShContemporary 2012

This week I have been co-curating the group exhibition ‘NOW INK’ as part of the ShContemporary 2012, Shanghai’s contemporary art fair, which opens tonight at the Shanghai Exhibition Center – a very grand building with beautiful architectural and interior detailing. Yesterday was a long and intense, over 12 hour day, of waiting, talking, installing artworks, working with artists meeting their wants and needs, positioning, re-positioning, re-viewing, labelling, interpreting, translating…all with an air of diplomatic negotiation. It was a day of positive and unpredictable adjectives…of art fair chaos in non-stop motion. There’s nothing quite like curating a show in China. Things are never straight forward, often last minute and very unexpected, but everything does comes together in the end. So before day 2 of installing continues, and before the VIP excitement begins at 5pm today, I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of what it all looks like…what you’ll see if you get the chance to come along…


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