*Monday News*

I’ve sent the round robin e-mail, posted it on Facebook and Twitter and told close friends and family including people my “family” in Shanghai…so I can now more formally announce it here. During my time in the UK, I sent out many job applications, having a handful of interviews for academic and curatorial posts across the globe…from Asia to California and the UK. I very nearly ended up in San Francisco, but courtesy of the USA’s limited work visa allocation, it couldn’t happen. I’m a true believer in things happening for a reason as I said at the end of my previous post, and that USA adventures were not to be at this time. It’s exciting yet incredibly unnerving when you have no sense of where you’ll be in a few months but then things suddenly just happen and change. I have to tell you what my mom literally sent me a few moments ago by e-mail…

“There is no map for life. Only do what you feel is right at the time. Sometimes it hard to know exactly the right choice.” – My Mom

…and she is right. Sometimes you have no idea what to think, where to go, what decisions to make…then these choices are somehow made for you, making marks on your life map, taking you to your next step, almost serendipitously, like they were meant to be.

My next step starts in only a few weeks time, in late October 2012, when I will take up post as Research Curator at Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester (UK). The job is for 2 days a week, perfectly complementing my part-time PhD studies where I aim to finally complete my (sometimes beloved) thesis by October 2013. This is a plan I want to stick to and it feels very content in my mind. I am smiling as I write this as I am so excited to start work with the team there. When I had the one hour forty minute next-level interview, including a presentation, I didn’t think I’d got the job…I thought I’d really stumbled on a few keys questions and it was completely out of reach…this was, obviously, not the case. I think most people probably think negatively after interviews as you question your ability and self-worth. The transition back to the UK in a few weeks time does feel right…as though worlds are re-aligning somehow, where new creative and cultural journeys, projects and adventures can begin with new networks, dialogues and lines of critical inquiry…and of course with great minds that I have not yet met. Wish me luck as a new chapter in the book of Rachel Marsden begins. See you soon Manchester.


  1. Congratulations on the Manchester job! This is a gallery I always keep my eye on and I’ve seen some interesting things there over the years.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I’m looking forward to getting involved with their work and future, you’ll no doubt hear about it here! Thanks for reading, as always.

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