London – Part II

Another week in the UK, another trip to London, this time primarily to attend the University of Westminster conference ‘China in Britain: Myths and Realities’ focussing on ‘Performance/Theatre and Music’ that I just blogged about. I was also in London for a few other professional meetings that have been incredibly interesting to say the least (I’ll fill you in on them at some stage)…and, as always, to catch up with close friends. Here are a few photographs from my time there…the stunning White Cube Bermondsey gallery with views of The Shard, Southbank wanders, afternoon gin and tonics and chats on the Royal Festival Hall terrace, fresh mint tea at the architecturally minded Manual Caff and an amazing vegan din dins at VitaOrganic on Wardour Street with FP, Chinatown lunchtime red bean pastry/egg custard/moon cake bakery treats to remind me of Shanghai, Tate Modern 6th floor cafe office session and the beautifully brutal concrete structure of ‘The Tanks: Art in Action’ (I’ll focus on this specifically in another post), N4 Library exhibition of Ting-Ting Cheng (that again I’ll focus on in another post), and a homemade fish pie dinner feast (thank you Lorna!) that I am still very full from. It all still looks so quintessentially English. See you again London…later in the month and in early August for Part III and IV adventures, no doubt London 2012 Olympics filled. You are somehow getting under my skin like Shanghai…just please try not to leave me so mindfully pre-occupied in a world of thought next time. My brain has enough to process during this international transition. Thank you.

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