Living in the clouds

This is what I imagine dreams to look like sometimes. Here, French photographer Laurent Chehere presents different types of residential structures surreally captured in mid-air. The series titled Flying Houses takes suburban homes and urban apartment buildings out of their defining neighborhood backdrops and places them floating amidst the clouds. ‘The collection of photo manipulations showcases the visual effectiveness of building design sans a disruptive environment. The levitating edifices each represent a different lifestyle dreamily gliding high above the surface. The series is said to be a metaphor for travel. While some journey into another land in the lap of luxury, others have to deal with the confines of flying coach. Sometimes being in such close quarters with a crying baby and a person with uncontrollable fits of coughing can feel like you’re trapped in a burning building.’ (Thanks to the great art and design blog Junk Culture). I like the attention to detail in these works from the signage and graffiti, to the curtains and lighting. To me, they represent a heightened sense of reality amidst the chaos of a globalised culture…which is basically everyday life here in Shanghai and China, and I wouldn’t change it for the world right now.


  1. These are all very well done. I will have to take more of a look at Chehere’s work now.

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