World without words…

Another piece of creative niceness to finish Friday and the working week…although I think I’ll be writing all day Sunday, including catching up on what I call “Rach admin” and a million blog posts! Called ‘Wordless Web’, it is a simple browser “bookmarklet” (I’ve never heard of this word before) designed by Ji Lee and developer Cory Forsyth, that removes all text from any website in just one click of the mouse. All that remains are the website’s pictures…it completely changes your ways of seeing, you online experience and negotiation…it immediately makes you realise how we are bombarded by words, text, language, slogans, statements on a daily basis through digital means…advertising still remains in part though. I have included an example below as to what happens when you apply it to Twitter…what’s Twitter without words? I can’t imagine a world without words…I’m too much in love with language. Take a look and see what your online world looks like without words…your ‘Wordless Web’.

“No text also means no context. You’re free to enjoy the images in their purest form, without names, labels, definitions, or purpose. It makes the pictures we see across the web more mysterious and open to interpretation of our own imaginations.” – Wordless Web


  1. no ads (ad block), no pictures (picture block), no words … just the internet itself … sounds like somebody’s art project

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