Body architecture – let me sweat

PhD Wednesday is in full swing…and it started with the TED Talk ‘How can technology transform the human body?’ by Lucy McRae…a “body architect” who was classically trained in ballet and architecture. I like this dichotomy as they are a couple of my loves. You can clearly see how these two paths in life have directly influenced and developed her creative practice. Inspiring. I urge you to look at her website which really is something special.

She is fascinated with the human body, how it can be transformed and how technology can transform the body. Starting with low tech experiments with her flatmate, they would use their apartments as laboratories, working in a ‘spontaneous and immediate way…making visual imagery promoting human evolution’. She talks of  “maybe technology” and alluring the perimeter of the body so you can’t see where the skin finishes or starts…’redefining the skin to create a new dynamic textile’. She is interested in how technology co-exists with raw human emotion and what happens when you merge biology with technology. A recent project aimed to re-programme body odour, questioning how would this could change the way we communicate with each other. She created a “swallowable parfum” where the fragrance comes out of the skin when you perspire, perfume coming from the inside out, the body becomes an atomizer.

Such a clever concept that I would love to experience…just let me sweat. I can’t even imagine what that could do to you interactions and relationship with someone…intensified to extremes…taking over the senses from the inside out as she says. She states there are ‘no boundaries’ where ‘conversations and experiences connect ideas that bring ideas out’ and her work as a body architect is a ‘limitless and boundless platform…here’s to another day in the office.’ That is definitely how work and creativity should be…an experimental playground that we want to experience every single day. On that note, I’m going to get writing…come on words, I can feel you waiting…

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  1. This is absolutely stunning – thank you so much for writing about it, and in the process, putting TED on my map.

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