Get some colour…

A couple of things I thought I’d share with you on Tuesday morning that got me motivated for the day…all about the creativity and colour in life that I think should be celebrated on a daily basis. How much better would your day be if you started it with one of these experiences? Mine certainly would. Someone come and throw some colour in my face right now…let’s have a paint fight! So the first thing I want to show you is something that I can’t wait to take part in once I’m back State-side, back in the US again, which I know I will be in the next year or so…in reality that isn’t that far away, is it? It is called ‘The Colour Run’…a 5km fun run that takes place in 18 different US cities where at periodical intervals through the race, people throw dried (and apparently edible) paint at you. This event is gaining a real following now…crazy momentum in a way that I like…it needs to get to other global cities, though I can’t see this happening in China…or maybe it can? That’s a question…

I’m currently trying to up my running training here in Shanghai, aiming to tread concrete for at least 15 to 20 miles a week, regularly changing my routes so I don’t get bored…any suggestions of routes in this city are welcomed as I seem to be sticking to certain areas right now. So far I’m doing pretty good…15 miles down last week…and 6 miles down last night in the growing humidity and rain. I like running in the rain as it makes the experience feel more alive for some reason, feeling fresh water on my face makes me run a little faster…a little harder. I’m sure I’ll be out again tonight.

The next thing I want to share was sent to me by my box of trust, BFF male friend ‘mk’, who sent me this video link from Canada whilst I was asleep last night. It is for the ‘Festival of Colors – World’s biggest color party’…I quite like the soundtrack to this too by Kyle Andrews called ‘Sushi’…definitely summer listening. The party was to pay homage to the Hindu’s celebration of ‘Holi’ which includes the Festival of Colors which is a popular springtime festival celebrated throughout the world. At this recent event, thousands headed to the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah, located 50 miles south of Salt Lake City to participate in this unforgettable colorful event. Like ‘The Colour Run’, coloured powder and paints were thrown every two hours in the two-day event. The Krishna Temple is holding an additional festival this Saturday 14th April….can someone fly me out there PLEASE? I want to get painted. Although maybe it would be a far more intense experience to see this happen in India? I’m closer to India too…

Photos courtesy of
Photos courtesy of

I often feel that the UK and some other European cultures lack this kind of colour in life. Asian cultures have so much more vibrancy, dynamism, energy…South American too…I could go on with places I want to go to. Next year I will turn 30…I’m baffled as to how it has come around so quickly as I still feel like a kid sometimes. I’m going to try to cram in as much as I can into what will be my 30th year…so far on my list is visiting many countries USA, Africa/South Africa and perhaps Australia and New Zealand, (hopefully) becoming Dr. Marsden, and taking part in and sharing experiences such as these that will be embedded in my memories for life. Go and get some colour in your life today…I promise it will make you smile.

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