Holding my breath for ballet

I’m starting PhD Wednesday with this stunning video of ballet dancers filmed in slow motion…thanks to the rather great design studio/blog ‘swissmiss’ for this mornings find. It features Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from the renowned Staatsballett Berlin captured at 1000 frames per second.

I watched it about six times in succession (before realising I needed to get on with work). It literally makes me hold my breath…overwhelmed by their skill…the intensity and power of their strength…absolutely phenomenal. It inspires me to push myself a little harder tonight at ballet class, though I’ll never be that good again in my lifetime. I want someone to lift me that high in the air with such precision and grace. The film has a pretty good soundtrack too by Radiohead…’Everything in its right place’. I can feel words oozing from my finger tips today, accompanied sunshine smiles and no doubt frozen yoghurt. I think finding something new and creative with a pinch of music first thing in the morning seems to fuel my creativity…what will I find tomorrow?

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