The frustrations of creativity

Thanks to ‘Brain Pickings’ for this Tuesday morning starter…’The Importance of Frustration in the Creative Process‘…an animated explanation of the problematics of the artistic mind by Flash Rosenberg, a Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Fellow (that place will stay with me for life since my days there – I miss that city!), New York Public Library (NYPL) artist-in-residence, and “live”-illustrator…I’ve never really heard this term before…quite a nice way to define your practice right?

“When we tell stories about creativity, we tend to leave out this phase. We neglect to mention those days when we wanted to quit, when we believed that our problem was impossible. Instead, we skip straight to the breakthrough. We tell the happy ending first.” – Flash Rosenberg

“The only way to understand this mystery is to venture inside the brain, break open the black box of the imagination. Creativity can seem like a magic trick of mind but there is nothing magical about it. We are beginning to understand how the trick is done. Imagine how creativity works is about our most important mental talent…the ability to imagine what has never existed before.” – Flash Rosenberg

This certainly got me motivated and inspired for the day…self-belief and self-motivation for most creatives is hard to find sometimes…it can elude you in very cryptic ways…almost like you are searching for the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle, when in reality it doesn’t matter if that piece is ever found. I’m hoping creativity happens for you all today without the inherent frustrations that we all regularly deal with. Now on with a very sunny Spring Shanghai Tuesday…headphones in, fingers ready…come on words…

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