When cycling meets calligraphy

A Thursday treat from media artist Nicholas Hanna…inspired by the process of water calligraphy. Since being in China, he’s watched the older Chinese generation write statements on the pathways of local parks and public spaces in Beijing, using a long handled brush with water. Hanna decided to make his own contraption that could do the same thing…why? “Just because”.

The ‘Water Calligraphy Device (水书法器)’ sits on the back of a traditional Beijing tricycle and produces Dongcheng District Propaganda phrases straight onto to road or pathway…such as “Civilization comes from every individual, to contribute from every little thing (文明从脚下起步 奉献从身边做起)” and “Harmonious Dong Cheng District constructed by you and me” (和谐东城 你我共建). Simple, clever, powerful, perfect. I just wish they were made for two-wheeled bikes…


  1. The Chinese who see him using this contraption must love it! They have such respect for people who do calligraphy but also have a great love for things which are new and ingenious! It’s a very interesting cross-inter-intra-cultural-art thing.

  2. Isn’t it fantastic…hoping to use it as part of a project in Shanghai, so we’ll see how the locals take it…can’t wait!

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