AIVA Talks – Lu Yang

On Monday afternoon, the emerging, female contemporary Chinese artist Lu Yang gave a lecture, including Q&A session, to the current AIVA students and members of the public on her past and current music video artistic practice, which includes video installations, graphic prints, archival and documentation projects, and music video works. Lu works with the fundamentals of cybernetic art examining themes such as biological or bionic control systems, the structure of organisms, programming languages and psychological cycles. Keywords that describe her practice include rhythm, repetition, obsession, disturbance, pathological body metronome, loss of bodily control, monitoring, technological cure, macro-micro, human logic, and chain reactions. She has recently exhibited at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) (Beijing), Boers-Li Gallery (Beijing) and Zendai MOMA (Shanghai), in addition to numerous group exhibitions across East Asia and in New York.

This talk was the first in a series regarding contemporary art and artists, design and designers, to be presented at AIVA that I am responsible for co-organising for this academic semester until June 2012. We had quite a good attendance for this event considering the short period in which it was arranged and promoted. I am hoping to work with Lu in the future…UK-based curatorial projects in the planning…very exciting partnerships ahead.

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