Shared Absurdity…

I came across this playful TED talk today by Charlie Todd called ‘The Shared Experience of Absurdity’. Todd creates ‘bizarre, hilarious, and unexpected public scenes’ called ‘Improv Everywhere’. The idea is to ’cause a scene in a public place that is a positive experience for other people’. Thursday smiles…I love how small “absurd” changes to your daily routine can change people’s lives in such a way that it will give them memorable stories to tell their family, friends and colleagues, that have the potential to last a lifetime. You remember this kind of stuff. Bringing people together to share experiences is one of the best things on earth. Touching on the world of performance art, crossed with what I’d call “pranking”, it really does make you think more about what surrounds you and what you could do to make people smile. Todd finishes on a key quote…

“I think as adults, we need to learn that there is no right or wrong way to play.” – Charlie Todd

So go out and play today…

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