Colour in the Everyday

I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Here find photographs from recent colourful shopping trips to ‘Marie’s Art Center’, an art supplies shop, and the global force (and threat) that is ‘Walmart’. As I was shopping in the latter, many Christmas songs, including Chris Rea’s classic ‘Driving Home for Christmas’, came on the speaker system. All I could think was how random this experience was whilst getting slightly emotional…ummm, where was I again? I love seeing colour like this in the world. Some of my favourite foods are on display here…purple potatoes, wild rice, peanut brittle, sesame snaps, pumpkin seed cookies, and egg custard tarts. One other thing, you certainly don’t see a Ferrero Rocher pyramid like that very often…

“(Chinese) Ambassador, with these Rocher, you are really spoiling us.”

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