Insight into Silversmithing

When you work in a creative atmosphere like an art school or department, you seem to instinctively want to know how to do other things, make other things, create new things…it feeds your own creativity somehow…well, it feeds mine. Through working alongside jewellery designer Lisa Juen, it has made me become more interested in the process of jewellery making…the process of “how”. I think I have only done a couple of proper jewellery making workshops that were pretty basic, so on a professional level I haven’t got a clue where to begin. Currently, Lisa is incredibly hectic, finalising designs and work for the launch of her jewellery brand ‘Proonk’ on the evening of the 9th December 2011 here in Shanghai. We are holding the event at the Star Space gallery at AIVA, and I’m helping out if and when I can over the next few weeks to help her get as much done as possible. Her work is really something special and the Shanghai masses need to see it, especially in time for Christmas.

Last Thursday afternoon, Lisa was melting down silver to make it into silver wire for use as earring stems. I literally had no idea as to how a lump of metal could be transformed into perfectly straight and polished wire only a few millimetres thick. Lisa showed me how the process began…and I was transfixed by the glow…


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