Fake or replica?

In China, many of the restaurants present in their windows an array of replica dishes…what your food could look like if you go through their doors and eat with them. More often that not though the food never actually looks like this…this alluring, glossy or even tasty. Yes plastic food can look tasty. It reminded me of happy childhood times…playing with plastic food, like a fried egg, in my child-sized replica kitchen. So what is the difference between a fake and a replica? Well, a replica is an exact copy of something supposedly used for display purposes only…and a fake is an imitation of an object, a deceitful copy almost like fraud meant to lure the customer into buying. I’m having a sense of deja vu that I have written about this before. So is this food just a fake, or is it a replica? It is a fine line, and as with much of China you never quite know. Apologies for my cynicism today…the weekend of tummy angst, PhD interview transcribing, five-bean chilli cooking and general errands flew by…I somehow can’t believe it is Monday again already. I forgot to blog yesterday for  ‘NaBloPoMo’. It is actually quite hard to keep on top of this!

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