When it rains…

…it pours and pours as if a monsoon is on it’s way…then within second it just stops, clearing the smog from the sky, pretending like it never even happened. I walk past this very random building quite often on my Saturday cafe and shopping escapades. It is on Anfu Lu just down the road from my apartment. I always stop and look at it to try to make sense of what it is…what is was…what it could be.

On Saturday, Lisa and I were taken for Chinese afternoon tea at Lapiz Lazuli by one of my friends Sun Li (another Lisa) who I met in Birmingham back in 2009…she is finally back in Shanghai. We were introduced to one of her creative friends Liu Yi, a Shanghai graphic designer who like me is cross-disciplinary so wears many hats. We realised that they were both incredibly dedicated, well-networked in the creative art and design scene in Shanghai, and helpful…just generally lovely people. I like it when things like this happen. It really was such a great afternoon…and I had ginger tea which made my day. Lisa and I are looking forward to spending more time with them soon, well we did already at the British Council’s ‘Smart Talk’ event, which we went to on Tuesday evening. I spoke of it in the previous blog post – Japanese Kit Kat – Chit Chat. So far so good with ‘NaBloPoMo’…let’s see what the weekend brings.

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